Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Dissida, anyone?

Hey folks! I've got time to write another article since I'm waiting for my socks to dry. Today, I want to mention a couple of Final Fantasy games that were recently shown at the Tokyo Games Show that just ended a day ago. 

 I certainly hope you've been keeping up with the TGS, since a lot of great games and new features were shown. Just to name a couple of things, the upcoming Zelda: Skyward Sword showed a new gameplay feature involving equipment upgrades while the next Fire Emblem for the 3DS will play similar to the 3D console Fire Emblems, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. But, back to the topic of discussion!

 So, two new Final Fantasy games were shown; both for the 3DS. The first is Final Fantasy Theatrytyt... Theratrytuhm... Thea... t... dfghjkljskkdfh. THEATRHYTHM.

Ahem. So this new Final Fantasy game is a rhythm based game, and the gameplay is very similar of the zany Elite Beat Agents. It sports a cute art style and music tracks ranging from many games in the main series. Characters from nearly every Final Fantasy game are also involved, such as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and the Warrior of Light from the NES original. It's an interesting genre for Square to explore and it just goes to show that the developers are willing to be creative and try new genres, even if it doesn't seem fitting at first.

 The second game, which I believe is being developed by the same team that remade Final Fantasy III and IV for the DS, is called Bravely Default. This game seems somewhat reminiscent of another game they created called the 4 Heroes of Light. Not much is known, yet, but if I come across anything interesting I'll make sure to post it. Considering the development team, the game should turn out to be pretty good.

 Both games are for the 3DS, so if you're looking for an FF game, you've got a choice of a title that seems fairly laid back and another that is heavily RPG turn-based. 

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