Monday, September 19, 2011

The Remake of a Dream

 You've probably already heard the news about Final Fantasy X by now. The 10 year old PS2 game is getting the HD treatment for the PS3 and PS Vita, but it may be more than your typical high-definition update.

Think he can sing Suteki Da Ne well?
 SquareEnix gave the announcement at the Tokyo Game Show last week and apparently, Final Fantasy X is getting good treatment. Not only will the game be updated to HD, but the models and textures are getting a face-lift as well. That's really good since the graphics in X haven't aged all that well and it really could use the treatment.

 Although some fans are a little upset that VII is not getting the remake treatment, many people are happy with the choice - including myself. Final Fantasy X is one my favorites in the long-running franchise and I'll definitely be getting this game the day it's released. I must say, however, that I am surprised X is getting the HD treatment. Square is known for remaking their older titles, up to VI. People were actually expecting announcements of remakes for V and VI for the 3DS but instead we got X. (You'd think they'd go in order, eh?)

 Either way you look at it, this is an exciting announcement and I'll be looking forward to any more updates on the Final Fantasy X remake. Here's hoping that getting the Celestial weapons won't be so tough this time around!

Happy Almost-Anniversary Final Fantasy X! (The game came out in December here in North America.)

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